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As real estate prices have substantially increased in California, property owners often seek to maximize the value of their properties through remodeling or replacing the existing structure with a completely new one. Any remodeling or construction project undertaken by you or your neighbor may require the city or the contractors to review and compare your property’s actual boundary lines and easements with what your deed or other recorded documents provide.

In other words, it is not uncommon for two long-term neighbors to find themselves in a major dispute over a property line, easement, restrictive covenant, view or landslide issue. In fact, our real estate attorneys have seen the following scenarios come up quite often:

  • A neighbor’s existing fence, tree, wall or structure crosses your property line
  • Your neighbor’s existing tree or the proposed second-story addition to his house will block your view of the ocean from your living room
  • Your neighbor’s proposed structure will violate an existing restrictive covenant, such as a restriction on height or proximity of the structure to the property line
  • Unauthorized use of an existing easement: your neighbor and his guests drive their recreational vehicles on your driveway to access the state-owned mountains behind your house
  • Interference with your rights to use an existing easement: your neighbor blocks or restricts access to a part of his property that you are entitled to use in order to access your house
  • Your neighbor’s construction project causes a landslide onto your property
  • The roots of those beautiful old trees in your backyard have grown onto the neighbor’s property, making it impossible for her to build a swimming pool in her backyard without compromising the stability of your trees
  • Your neighbor’s proposed structure violates a local ordinance, zoning restrictions, restrictive covenants, restrictions imposed by homeowners’ association, or an existing conditional use permit

In the event that you find yourself in a dispute with your neighbor over your property rights, contact our experienced and skilled real estate attorneys right away because your statements, actions or even inaction may strengthen your neighbor’s position or undermine your rights.

At LA Law Firm, P.C., we have successfully assisted property owners in Los Angeles and Southern California for more than 25 years to protect and enforce their property rights against competing or conflicting claims made by adjacent property owners.


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