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Sometimes, an internal dispute over the control and future of the company becomes inevitable; as each partner grows older and wishes to transfer the torch to his offspring, when the company’s exponential growth requires the partners to transfer the day-to-day operation of the company to professional managers, or when the respective interest of majority and minority shareholders no longer align.

At LA Law Firm, our corporate lawyers regularly represent corporations, partnerships and LLCs, as well as their shareholders, partners and members in shareholder disputes, disputes regarding purchase-sell agreements, partner disputes, and disputes among the shareholders or members.

We also litigate shareholder derivative actions, and we are frequently asked to represent the board of directors or the special committees which are charged with investigating and responding to shareholder demands for corporate action. We approach each case with an eye toward identifying the most effective and cost-effective strategy that best suits our client’s goals and objectives without compromising the future of the company.


Properly drafted and executed operating agreements and bylaws can minimize the risk of inter-company disputes altogether. They can also set forth procedures for handling disagreements that may arise in the future. At LA Law Firm, our corporate attorneys are experienced in helping corporations, partnerships and LLCs to prevent legal disputes and to resolve them in their favor when they do arise.

Corporate control issues can threaten the future of your company or compromise the personal assets of everyone in the company. Don’t allow an internal conflict among the shareholders or struggle over the control of the company destroy what you have worked for all your life. If you have a current or even a potential dispute, contact us and consult with a corporate attorney with substantial experience in dealing with corporate control issues.


To arrange a confidential consultation with corporate control disputes attorney Donald Ramenian, call our Los Angeles office at 310-575-5050 or contact LA Law Firm online.


The litigation lawyers at LA Law Firm represent corporations, limited liability companies, directors, corporate officers, shareholders and third parties who are involved in derivative suits in California. For more than 25 years, we have successfully represented and protected our clients against shareholders’ claims and allegations of misconduct, self dealings or fraud. We have the required legal expertise to effectively represent and protect your interest when faced with claims brought against the company, the directors or the majority shareholders.

If you have received a demand letter or a demand for action letter from a shareholder, or have been named as a defendant in a derivative lawsuit, you should promptly contact an experienced shareholder litigation lawyer. Under both California and Delaware laws, you have a very narrow window of opportunity to adopt and implement some of the most effective defensive strategies, which will allow you to defeat frivolous derivative claims at the very early stage of litigation.

We also represent the minority shareholders against the predatory and unlawful practices of the majority shareholders. If you believe that the company’s directors or the majority shareholders have engaged in fraudulent activities, self-dealings or unlawful practices to enrich themselves or to exclude the minority shareholders from receiving their shares of the profits, we can help you to reclaim your fair share.

Because of the complexity of shareholder litigation and the necessity of obtaining evidence quickly, it is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to begin developing an effective litigation strategy. Contact the experts at LA Law Firm today for a consultation.


What is frequently referred to as corporate divorce entails numerous financial and legal disputes during the dissolution of partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations and other enterprises. When significant assets are at stake, parties require disciplined legal representation from a business attorney that can carefully guide them through high-conflict disputes and give them an edge in both litigation and negotiation.

At LA Law Firm, we offer strategic, aggressive business and commercial counsel that those at any stage of a corporate divorce need to come out ahead. Attorney Donald R. Ramenian has honed sharp litigation and problem-solving instincts during more than 25 years in practice. Equally important, he approaches every case ready to resolve disputes as efficiently as possible.

For More Than 25 Years, We Have Successfully Represented Stakeholders During Corporate Divorce

Our business attorneys handle the full range of corporate divorce-related litigation, representing:

  • Corporate shareholders
  • Members of a limited liability company (LLC)
  • General and limited partners
  • Corporations, LLCs and partnerships

Among the issues we routinely handle are:

  • Full distribution of assets and subsequent dissolution of a corporate entity
  • Shareholder buyouts
  • Reassessment of previous distributions and recovery of corporate funds before dissolution
  • Third-party corporate sales and distribution of proceeds
  • Sales and purchases among existing shareholders/members, including cases where it is necessary to bring in a new shareholder/member to facilitate a deal

With extensive experience in corporate divorce litigation, we understand how to devise successful strategies, including collaborating with forensic accountants and other experts whose collaboration can enhance our client’s position in court or in negotiation.

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