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Whether you plan to start a new business or feel that your corporate documents should be updated to reflect the changes in your company, we can help. At LA Law Firm, P.C., we handle all legal aspects of corporate formation (i.e. starting a business) and corporate governance, so that our clients can concentrate on what matters the most: Their business.

First, we will assist you to determine which form of legal entity (corporation, LLC, or partnership) is most suitable for you. Then, we will prepare and file the necessary documents to begin the corporate formation process. Lastly, we will draft your corporate documents (bylaws, operating agreement, the minutes of your initial meeting, resignation of the organizer, and certificate of action). We will also assist you in complying with the filing requirements of the California Secretary of State and California’s corporate laws on ongoing basis. In addition, most of our corporate clients use our services to notice and oversee their annual or special meetings and to prepare the minutes of their meetings.

We firmly believe that you will be making a grave mistake and a disservice to your partners by using standard bylaws or operating agreements offered by accountants or sold on the Internet. In the event of dispute or litigation among the partners, members or shareholders, those who did not employ an experienced corporate counsel to prepare their corporate documents or have used standard forms often spend 10-15 times more in attorney fees. When your accountant offers to prepare your bylaws or operating agreements for a discounted price, ask him whether he would approve of having your attorney prepare your tax returns instead of him.

Before registering your new company or trusting the future of your company to your accountant or the Internet, contact us at LA Law Firm for a free and confidential consultation. As a businessman, you are better off spending a small sum of money in attorney fees to ensure that your bylaws or operating agreement is drafted properly than spending tens of thousands of dollars a few years later to litigate the issues that your bylaws or operating agreement should have addressed.


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