In today’s competitive marketplace, business success can be more elusive than ever. No enterprise can afford the damage that can be done when a disgruntled shareholder files a frivolous derivative action against the company and its directors, or a corporate officer sabotages corporate interests for personal benefit, or a competitor resorts to illegal actions to gain market advantage. These are only a few examples of the many types of business-related disputes that our firm handles.

At LA Law Firm, we recognize that no party can take allegations of business torts lightly. We are a corporate law firm in Los Angeles which specializes in a wide range of business litigation and representing public and private corporations, limited liability companies, corporate officers, shareholders and third parties throughout Southern California. Because of the financial and legal interests that are at stake in any business tort claim, it is essential for all parties involved to have counsel experienced in developing aggressive, effective business litigation strategies. At LA Law Firm, P.C., we combine our knowledge of complex corporate law principles with a results-oriented approach to business litigation, and have consistently achieved success for our clients both in court and through arbitration during the past 25 years.

Our Firm Generally Represents Clients Involved In The Following Forms Of Business Tort Litigation:

  • Fraud litigation
  • Business conspiracy litigation
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Unfair competition claims
  • Shareholder Derivative litigation
  • Misappropriation of corporate opportunity

If you anticipate that you or your business will become involved in litigation, it is essential that you speak with a lawyer immediately to assess your legal situation and begin developing a strategy to preserve your interests.

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