The law makes specific demands of parties with regards to real estate transactions. First and foremost, property sellers have a duty to disclose defects, incomplete repairs and any other condition that could otherwise affect the property’s value. Additionally, brokers and agents for all parties have a duty to investigate property in order to discover potential defects, and to follow up on disclosures made by sellers.

In complex real estate transactions, sellers and purchasers may discover previously undisclosed defects on commercial and residential properties. In some situations, this can be the result of negligent or even willful nondisclosure by sellers or agents. In these cases, it is critical that all parties secure counsel who can identify the pertinent legal issues and bring disputes to a swift resolution through real estate litigation or other means.

Experienced Real Estate Litigation Attorneys In Southern California

Attorney Donald Ramenian offers our firm’s clients more than 25 years of experience in the high-stakes field of commercial and residential real estate law in Los Angeles, Orange County and surrounding areas. Having developed substantial negotiation and litigation skills representing sellers, buyers and real estate agents and brokers, he provides legal counsel grounded in success from both sides of a case.

Our firm handles cases involving broker/agent negligence, intentional misconduct, failure to disclose property defects, and negligent or intentional misrepresentation of material facts. Anything that affects the use, value or marketability of a property can be the subject of real estate litigation, particularly:

  • Broker/Agent Negligence
  • Broker/Agent Intentional misconduct
  • Condition of a property or title
  • Past repairs made
  • Known defects that have not been addressed
  • Existing boundary disputes
  • Existing claims against the property
  • Unrecorded claims, liens or encumbrances

Many legal disputes arise because a property owner or agent for either party failed to perform even a cursory inspection of a property to discover easily identifiable defects. Litigation can also result when a property owner performed insufficient repairs on a defect in the past, but does not disclose this to a buyer or either party’s agent.

Equipped with an insider’s knowledge of broker liability issues and aggressive strategies for resolving disputes, we help our clients vindicate their legal interests as quickly as possible and maximize their investment in our services.

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