Few real estate markets are as competitive as in Los Angeles. Whether an individual is a party to a real estate transaction or is embroiled in a legal dispute, the intricacies of real estate law requires representation that is strategic, aggressive and focused on protecting a client’s financial and legal interests.

At LA Law Firm, our Southern California clients benefit from the 20-plus years of attorney Donald R. Ramenian’s experience in real estate law. With substantial trial experience and success in arbitration and mediation, he is more than a qualified lawyer: He is a problem solver for those in the real estate industry throughout the region.

Mr. Ramenian is also a licensed real estate broker, adding real-world real estate experience to his success as a real estate attorney.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Where other firms may approach cases with a fixed set of strategies, we look first at the results our clients seek. Rather than relying on a limited number of tactics, we focus on how best to solve our clients’ problems, then work to develop the strategy that will do that. We take a big-picture approach, and in doing so position our clients for success regardless of the complexity of their legal matters.

Among the cases our firm handles include:

Attorney Donald R. Ramenian is equally adept in pursuing favorable outcomes for clients in disputes through litigation as well as alternative forms of dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.

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