Mediation is an informal and non-binding process for resolving your dispute with the help of a neutral third party. Generally, participating in mediation services is voluntary and takes place after the lawsuit has already been filed. However, in most real estate cases and some commercial cases, the parties are contractually required to mediate before they can proceed to arbitration or even litigation.

At LA Law Firm, we firmly believe that mediation services are an effective, productive and cost-effective method of resolving your business and real estate related disputes. Mediation allows both parties to remain in control of their own destiny instead of having a judge or an arbitrator determine their fate.

A mediator will attempt to facilitate more productive discussions between the parties with the goal of reaching agreement and a settlement of contested issues. Because mediation is not a binding procedure, you do not give up your rights or compromise your position by mediating your case.

Although mediation occurs outside of formal judicial proceedings, we apply some of the same key strategies used in litigation to prepare for mediation: aggressive advocacy, extensive informal discovery, analysis of the other side’s claims and defenses, and identifying the potential problems in your case. With over 25 years of experience and having participated in over 300 mediations, you can rest assured that we will work diligently and closely with you in order to negotiate the most favorable settlement terms for you at the mediation.

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