Many approach legal disputes with the expectation that it will be necessary to fully litigate issues of disagreement in order to achieve a favorable outcome.  At LA Law Firm, P.C., we firmly believe that clients benefit from litigation alternatives, such as arbitration and mediation, which provide for a more expedient resolution of disputes without sacrificing results.  For over 25 years, we have successfully represented our clients in mediations and arbitrations.

Arbitration is an alternative to a civil trial in which the parties agree — or are required to — have their case be decided by a single or a panel of arbitrators. This can be an individual selected by the parties, or a panel of arbitrators (for example, each party selects an arbitrator, and those in turn select a third to complete a panel). The role of the arbitrator(s) is to evaluate the evidence of both parties and to render a binding decision.

Mediation, by contrast, can serve as both an alternative and complement to a civil trial. A mediator will attempt to facilitate more productive discussions between the parties, with the goal of reaching agreement and a binding settlement on contested issues. Mediation itself is not a binding procedure, however, and typically parties who cannot reach an agreement resume traditional litigation or arbitration.

At LA Law Firm, we approach every case attuned to not only the results our clients seek, but also the methods we use to achieve those results. While in certain situations litigation will be the most effective way to resolve a dispute in a client’s favor, we never hesitate to utilize alternate means whenever possible.

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Applying Litigation Strategies Outside The Courtroom

Because arbitration and mediation often provide for faster and more cost-effective resolution of legal disputes, it has become more common for parties to voluntarily enter into these forms of alternative dispute resolution. At the same time, many if not most real estate and business contracts include provisions that compel parties to pursue arbitration or mediation to resolve disagreements.

Although arbitration and mediation by their nature occur outside of formal judicial proceedings, we apply some of the same key strategies when preparing client’s case for arbitration or mediation, including: aggressive advocacy, extensive discovery and an understanding of how the opposing side operates.

Our firm focuses on arbitration in a number of specific contexts, including:

Additionally, our firm has extensive experience using mediation to arrive at favorable settlement agreements for disputes in the areas of corporate law, real estate law, and business and commercial law.

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