For over 25 years, our real estate law firm has represented both sides in construction defect cases in Southern California. Because we have experience arguing on behalf of both contractors and property owners, LA Law Firm has developed a superior understanding of the underlying technical and legal issues in these claims, and the invaluable advantages in litigation and negotiation that result.

We recognize that, no matter which side of a construction-related legal claim you are on, significant financial interests are at stake. Attorney Donald Ramenian will use more than 25 years of results-focused litigation experience to help you come out ahead.

Advancing Our Clients’ Position In High-Stakes Litigation

Property owners and contractors turn to our real estate law experts to represent them in litigation when the cause of defects on a property is in dispute. We handle cases related to:

  • Structural failure from subsidence or other foundation issues
  • Electrical defects
  • Water intrusion and mold
  • Use of improper materials
  • Failure to meet earthquake and/or fire standards
  • HVAC defects
  • Poor workmanship
  • Failure to comply with building and safety codes

In addition to our traditional litigation practice, we also represent clients who are required to resolve construction defect-related disputes through arbitration, or in cases where arbitration or mediation would be in their best interests.

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